About Tyler

About Tyler

"When I was 6 years old my grandfather allowed me to seat my first table of guests at our family's 114 year old family restaurant, Mader's.  I can honestly say it was that moment when my passion for fusing food and family were born".

Midwest-born with deep culinary hometown roots, Tyler was classically trained at the
prestigious culinary Institute of America at
Greystone in Napa Valley.

Tyler’s love of food and preparing great dishes is complemented by his
charismatic personality and love of family, friends, and foodies everywhere.

Quick Bites

Tyler attended the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in Napa Valley after
growing up in Wisconsin and attending the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.

His passion for food is rooted in his own family tradition –  the world famous Milwaukee
restaurant, Mader’s – where he served as Director of Culinary and Business Operations early in his career.

Tyler managed Emmy Award Winning and Celebrity Chef Michael Chiarello's Tra Vigne restaurant
as well as the Bartolotta Restaurant Group's DiRoNA Award winning Ristorante Bartolotta.

Tyler’s love of cooking is matched only by his devotion to his family. As a father of four children,  
Tyler and his wife share their love of food and family through uniting around the
dinner table each night.  That’s the Mader tradition. 

About Trad to Rad

You can catch Tyler and his LIVE cooking segments on NBC, CBS and FOX affiliates around the country.

Trad to Rad with Tyler Mader is a close look at the most intriguing food traditions
in America, bringing them back to life with Tyler's insanely entertaining and signature Rad twist.